Son of Satan

"Yo! My name is Okumura Rin! I'm a happy and cheerful guy, so don't be afraid of me; even if I am Satan's son. Believe me! I'm currently trying to become an exorcist at True Cross Academy! I'm a great cook and sometimes I'm a moron. Umm...I...hope we...can be friends..."

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Rin sat on the fountain that he usually sat at for lunch, only something was different. That morning, Ukobach had forgotten to make lunch, and now Rin was sitting there, starving. Of course, Yukio had his own money for lunch, so he didn’t have to worry. “So…hungry…” Rin grumbled as he sat on the fountain with a sigh. His stomach growled, demanding for food, but he just didn’t have any.

Instead of sitting on the fountain, Rin shifted into a position so that he was laying flat on the surface. He looked like a fish that was out of water. “Foooood…” Rin mumbled again, barely having any strength left. His stomach, was still growling relentlessly, could be heard by those passing by.

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